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Single Player Mode

After selecting Lonely Trip in the main menu, you get a flip-up book which sorta explains the storyline. That's my guess, all of it is in japanese, all the words I recognized were kana for "Toys Land". You can press C to skip a storyline text and the L and R shifts to go back & forth the pages of the flipup book. Once that is done, you get into the first level. Every level tells you how much time you start with and how many enemies you need to destroy.As far as gameplay goes, the game is something similar to Bomberman, but not much. You have a topdown view of a small, enclosed labyrinth and your point is to nuke all baddies on the stage. After which you progress to the next level automatically.To destroy the baddies, you need to dig up one of the lego panels from the ground. After you do this, you can kick the lego piece away, which can push an opponent to the wall and blow it up (the lego pieces will blow up after hitting a wall either way). Thats pretty much the base of the game, lego kicking versus the clock.After you kick away the lego piece, it will leave a hole in the ground, which you can easily fall into, you must wiggle the joystick fast to get out or you die. Also, if you shoot a lego into a hole, it will fall into the hole filling it up. You can, however, fill up the holes yourself with a magical touch by pressing B.Other items inclue Eggs instead of legos, which randomly appear when you dig something up. These eggs will leave a bonus item after they blow up. Also, if you dig out a lego while it has an aura around it, you will get a diamond. There are 3 diamonds on every stage, if you kick them all next to each other, you will get bonus points. You can also randomly dig up mines instead of legos, but I don't know if these are anything special.You can also kick the various pencils on the table, they sometimes contiain bonus items. These items include coins (for points?), clocks (extra time), playing cards (for points at the end of the stage), light blue boots to make you move around faster, and dark blue boots to slow you down. You can also get the powerup keys, this will get you an extra Cog. The cogs work like the potions from Golden Axe, they can be used to do special attacks in 3 different powers. After picking up a Cog, you also get a "flaming" look in different colors, although it wont give you any special properties.Enemies included in the game are the various puppets and toys from the Clockwork Knight games, if you are familiar with the series you should recognize them. The only special guy in them is the clock which can shoot projectiles that stun you, and the dolls with the helmet and a pencil sword, which can also dig up and kick around legos.Other then those, the only thing you have to watch out is the landscape: you cant dig out legos from the steel ground. Also, there are various tiles with arrows on them, kicking a lego/diamond/anything onto these tiles will make them change direction to the way they point at. Tiles pointing to all 4 directions will cause legos to blow up, the explosion stunning any opponent nearby (but not killing them).


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Boss Stage

This fucker starts with following you around in hope to get a piece of your hot clockwork ass. Lure him into the corners so you get enough distance between him and you to be able to dig up a lego and kick it at him.

After enough hits, he starts flying around and tries stomping you. After landing however, he ignites the legos he landed on, nuking part of the level. I don't know if the nuked landscape hurts you or not cause I never managed to get this far without using the invincibility cheat.

Give it a few more hits and this oversized transformer will drop dead. Once you are done with that, you get...

Another story screen all in japanese! Woo yay!
Which will get you back into the title screen.