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This little baby surfaced a few years ago, and no one has any clue on what exactly it is. Heck, I'm not even sure about the correct name of the game. "Pengin War" is written in the game header, but it does not appear in-game. Unless its a misspelling of some kanji (often happens on the game headers), its japanese for Penguin. Which is pretty stupid cause this game has nothing to do with penguins. It's a distant Bomberman clone.The game header (LBA0 on the disc) also says the following: serial is GS-9015, and the compile date is 1995 June 20. This seems kind of bogus: GS-9015 was the serial of Panzer Dragoons japanese release. Furthermore, while the header says June 20, the data files on the disc state October 21 - which is just a day after the release of the Clockwork Knight Collection (Clockwork Knight ~Pepperouchau no Fukubukuro~, GS-9074) in japan.My guess is that this prototype is a minigame that got cut out of the Clockwork Knight Collection. Perhaps someone needs to examine that game a bit to see if any code is similar...

Title screen and Main Menu. The title screen displays the current time set on your Saturns clock. Lonely Trip is the 1 player mode Battle Royale is a multiplayer mode featuring up to 12 players using multitaps! Options is options, duh

Inside the Options menu.

Nodeath - sets up invincibility for 1p mode.
Area No. - selects the Chapter you will play on. One chapter contains many stages, but only Chapter 1 and 2 is present in the game. Chapter 2 is the short crap you get after beating the boss of chapter 1, after which you get warped back to the title screen. selecting other chapters will warp into an empty story screen, from where you go back to the main menu.
Stage no. - selects the Stage number of the current chapter you are in.
VS Men Max - maximum amount of players you can set in multiplayer mode. Default is 4, but you can set up to twelve! This is the most players that any non-homebrew game can handle, second place belonging to Saturn Bomberman with 10 players.
Kick/Rift button - use this button to Kick obstacles, to pick out a lego piece from the ground, and to fill in the rift caused by it.
Bomb Button - I have no clue what this does.
Super Button - lets you use a Super move. You get Super moves from collecting certain powerups. Super moves include a 4 way straight shot, a forcefield blast, and summoning tornados. They are used Golden Axe style, the more cog powerups you get, the more powerful super you can use, but you use up all of the cogs.On the lower right you can see BANK and SONG. This is a sound test. Press the L and R shifts to increase and decrease the counters, press X to launch a music/sound effect, and press Y to stop it. Interestingly, the sound test works everywhere in the main menu, not just in options.The music included in the game is the theme song of the game (the one that plays on the first level of Clockwork Knight 2, dunno about CW 1), the Game Over tune, and the tune that plays when you pick up the invincibility orb. This latter however, is not used in the game.Sound effects are a bunch of standard ones from the platformer, and because of this, many are not used in this game. Like the OUCH voice and the "screech" effect when your character brakes after running.Other then that, staying on the main menu without pressing start for a while will get you a SEGA logo. Then it goes back to the title screen - no demo mode is in the game.