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Multiplayer Mode

Picking Battle Royale will give you a setup screen with the regular options you can expect from such a party game: number of battles, battle time, stage select. Interestingly theres a menu for your characters too. I did not manage to modify any of the entries, but this hints that other characters were planned in too. My guess is that you could use that gay knight in silver armor from the platform game, and perhaps one of the toys which can attack you in single player mode.The rules in multiplayer are the same as single player, dig up a lego, kick it away, and smash your opponent to the wall. Dead enemies may leave some powerups behind. Also you can only use the 4 way arrow special attack.

Pressing start will get you some loading and this incredibly well designed VS Screen.

Battle Stage 1 and 2

Battle Stage 3 and 4

Battle Stage 5 and 6

Battle Stage 7 and 8

All 12 players on board, 1P wins

Once the battle is done, you get a Game over screen and warp back
to the title screen. Should you have multiple battles enabled, you get
another VS screen and a next match instead of Game Over.